The Nantucket Project

Client: Azimyth Studios, The Nantucket Project.

The app features the following pieces of content:

The Bright Continent - A different perspective on modern Africa. It has been said that Africans are the best entrepreneurs in the world because of their ability to do more with less. The Bright Continent is an inspirational story exploring a group of African nations that are changing their communities through the ingenuity of their citizens.

Experience a performance by the Mashirika Performing Arts Group and learn how Rwanda, a country largely defined by the 1994 genocide, is healing itself.

Feel the power of President Obama's call to action for the citizens of Sub-Saharan Africa to “build a future by themselves, for themselves” during his historic visit to Kenya. This is the first time a sitting U.S. President has ever been filmed in Virtual reality.

Next, it is off to the set of a Nollywood movie - Nigeria's answer to Hollywood - which has become the second largest film industry in the world. Sit with the crew as one of the most revered directors in Africa works his magic.

Finally, it is off to Makoko, a historic fishing community located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

Take a canoe ride with local school children to the Makoko floating school - a design of the year nominee and the ultimate symbol of hope, ingenuity, and progress.

Platforms supported: iOS.