Terre Des Hommes VR Experience

Client: Terre Des Hommes VR (Anti Child Slavery Campaign)

A world in which children are no longer exploited. We will continue our work until this is accomplished. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. Unfortunately the reality of many children in developing countries is different. They have to sell their body, are being trafficked or sold like merchandise or are exploited as cheap labour.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.

In this Terre des Hommes app, you can view a short film in which you see the story of Amani, a 12 year old girl who is being exploited as a child domestic worker. In this movie, we are taking you along in a day in Amani’s life. By using Virtual Reality techniques, we are able to give an experience like no other.

The film was shot using revolutionary 360 degree cameras, that put you in the center of the film and let you experience the film like never before. This mobile 360 player application allows you to enjoy some of these unique perspectives on your mobile device. For the ultimate immersion, connect your mobile device to a viewer like Google Cardboard and choose VR mode from the settings menu to experience the film in Virtual reality.

Wemersive sponsored the development of the mobile applications for this project.

Platforms supported: Android & iOS, Oculus (for Mac).