In Summer 2016, Wemersive & The Endless Co. transported an audience of 6,000 people from an open-air setting in Prospect Park to the closest region of massive star formation, the Orion Nebula, in a shared virtual reality experience.

As part of the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival, we brought together a 30-piece Norweigan 1B1 Symphony Orchestra, the 100-person Brooklyn Chorus Choir, 2 opera stars (Royce Vavrek and Nathan Gunn), and 6,000 Google Cardboard headsets.

Audience members downloaded our custom mobile app for a five-minute VR journey through the cosmos, directed by Eliza McNitt and narrated by celebrated Hubble astrophysicist Mario Livio.

The Hubble Cantata promises to be the first live event to fuse a major musical performance with a Virtual Reality (VR) experience amidst a 360-degree sound installation. If that’s not enough, the live performance will feature a 20-piece ensemble, a 100 person choir and two Metropolitan Opera stars.

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