Wemersive & The Endless Co. were tasked by Samsung and Agency Partners PMK/BNC to create an exclusive VR experience with Punchdrunk International, creators of the acclaimed live performance, Sleep No More.

Our installation, Believe Your Eyes, combined elements of the show’s multi-sensory performance with a parallel immersive experience in a Samsung VR headset.

We installed the project at the Festival de Cannes, where actors invited attendees into a private room. Once inside, attendees were given a Samsung headset, which immersed them in a digital replica of the exact space they were sitting in.

We crafted a complex production in which every element of the physical space was mirrored in the virtual experience: live actors were doubled as virtual projections, and their voices were carefully synchronized with the spatial audio in the VR video.

The project maintained the spirit of live theater while integrating digital theatrics only possible with VR technology. Believe Your Eyes was awarded a Cannes Lions prize in 2018.

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